Saturday, December 13, 2014

Which Web Hosting Co. To Host Your Wedding Website?

If you've already read my tutorial on how to create a wedding website, you may be wondering just what a WEB HOST is, & which is the best to use. I'll try to explain what a web hosting company does, and which hosting provider may be best for a wedding website.

Which Web Hosting Provider Should I Use For My Wedding Website?

A new hosting review website was recently launched – This is another in a group of free websites providing reviews of top web hosting providers from, which has reviews on the top 10 of just about EVERYTHING, not just web hosting; they don’t provide web hosting themselves, but they analyze and supply reviews of the main web hosting providers that consumers can choose from. There are tons of web hosting companies vying for the attention of the normal online consumer, and sometimes it’s difficult to sort through the mess. is a site that assists these consumers in their quest for reliable, updated information on web hosting.
As’s recent press release describes, they not only offer reviews but also supply their own ranking system—known as the Scorecard—of the various web hosting providers. These rankings are based on such factors as price, features, bandwidth, hosting space, reliability, ease-of-use and customer service. Also, each wedding web hosting company ranking list is sort-able by column—the user can click the different column headers to sort and rank the list according to that column's website hosting feature. I think the Scorecard and the ranking lists are great ideas and very helpful. As they also describe, provides reviews on all the major categories of web hosting such as basic, e-commerce, dedicated, re-seller, etc.
One thing I would like to see expounded upon is the Web Hosting Glossary and web hosting articles sections. I understand that this is a new website, so currently there are no items in either section, but they are inviting all people interested to contribute to both of these sections, which I think is a great thing—to get readers and users contributing—and I strongly recommend anyone to do. When you and your future spouse are looking to create your wedding website, or even if you're still just considering it: join in the fray!

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