Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Create A Wedding Website....Part 1.......

So, I'm just finishing up my tutorial on how to create a wedding website. It's taking a lot longer than I thought it would.
The tutorial assumes no programming or computer knowledge AT ALL. That's really the tricky part. Walking people through getting a web hosting account, how to register a domain name, and how to install Wordpress. That's as far as I've gotten. Today I'm going to create a wedding website from scratch, so I have to decide on a domain name.
I'm also learning more about Photoshop. How to take screenshots and make them fit on my wedding site is tougher than I thought it would be. I should probably leave the Photoshop to the professionals, but I'm just too stubborn!
So far, only a couple of Orange County wedding vendors have contacted me about putting up a free listing, so my site is still pretty bare. But I think that'll start changing once my site starts coming together more. I'm still trying to figure out the finer points of CSS, but I'm getting there.
So, if any of you wedding vendors in Orange County want a free listing, let me know! I'm not charging anyone for anything, but I DO have a couple of affiliate links on there. So maybe in 6 months I'll have made enough to buy a cup of coffee! YAY!!
I haven't ventured into Facebook or Instagram territory yet, but I'm going to start that in a week or so. I'm not ranking anywhere on Google, but my site is showing up pretty high on Yahoo!(I can't believe people still use Yahoo!), so I get 30 or so unique visitors a day. I'm trying to get more Orange County wedding information up there so it can eventually be a valuable, junk-free directory of Orange County wedding vendors.
I'm also working on a tutorial for creating free wedding websites, but I'm not sure which free site I should use. I'll probably play it safe and stick with a free wordpress account.

I hope you all have a great day today!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Thoughts On Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are a big hit among brides and grooms nowadays because of the beauty of having their exchange of vows in a place that looks exotic and paradise-like as their backdrop. But contrary to the trend, it is not necessary to leave Southern California or fly to Hawaii to have this unique experience. Anybody can just go to the local beach, someone’s vineyard, villa, a community park or garden and get the necessary permit to perform the wedding ceremony and reception there. Wedding venues in Orange County are plentiful; you just have to do your homework!

The decision to hold the wedding outdoors should not be based purely on the aesthetics though. The bride and the groom must also consider several factors to achieve a smooth flow on their wedding. I've lined up some pros and cons of getting an outdoor venue below; hope these help!


Limitless venue options. Unlike indoor Orange County wedding venues, outdoor settings have no limits. There are plenty of locations available to hold your wedding: beach, a cottage in the mountain, a private villa, the local park, or even on someone’s backyard garden.

Every area is a photo opportunity. Since the wedding will be outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities where guests can take their “selfies” or “groupies” and post something on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. This is also something that your Orange County wedding photographer wants – a lot of perfect backdrops where he can take shots of the newlyweds.

No need for an event stylist. There is no need to hire someone to create a gorgeous backdrop or arrange elaborate designs on the venue because Mother Nature already has it all laid out for you. Natural light. A photographer will bring his own light equipment but will always look for natural lighting to bring out the best from his subject. With an outdoor venue, you will get a lot of this for free!
Pet-friendly. Great news particularly for pet lovers! Outdoor wedding venues in Orange County, unlike enclosed ones, tend to be more welcoming for our furry friends. So brides and grooms who want to include their pet to their wedding party will love this. Your pets will also love this because they have a lot of spaces where they can run around freely.


Ill-equipped for weather interruptions. Outdoor venues always come with the possibility of unexpected rain showers or strong winds so brides and grooms must be prepared with contingency plans like tents, big parasols, etc.

Requires a good sound system. An outdoor venue will scatter the sounds made because the location has no walls that will let it bounce at. So sometimes the guests seated at the back can no longer hear what is happening at the front.

Constant worry for security and privacy. Outdoor Orange County wedding venues tend to be over-crowded during peak season especially if you plan to have your wedding in a public place like the nearby beach or local park. Couples who choose to be married here should be prepared for people roaming around and who will intentionally stay there and watch the ceremony as it progresses.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Picking The Perfect Location For An Indoor Wedding

Indoor wedding locations are more convenient than outdoor wedding locations. That’s why so many couples choose an indoor wedding over an outdoor wedding. For indoor weddings, the weather is not an issue, so you can opt for this type of wedding if you live in an area where the weather is unpredictable. If you want a quiet venue where you and your guests can hear each other well and enjoy the celebration with privacy, an indoor wedding will be your best choice. You have to remember however that not all indoor wedding venues are suitable for your wedding, so it is wise to consider the following tips before you finally make your reservations.


The size of the venue should be your number one priority. There should be enough room for everyone. Consider a venue that is not too big and not too small for your guest list. Think about the number of tables needed and if the venue is big enough to accommodate everyone present at your wedding. Keep in mind that you'll also need plenty of space for the band, and for your wedding photographer to move around.


The height of the ceiling matters a lot in choosing a wedding location. High ceilings add a touch of elegance to the venue while low ceilings will make the occupants feel stuffy. Hence, it is always good to choose one of the wedding venues in Orange County with high ceilings not only to impress your guests but also to make them feel more comfortable.


Perhaps the ceilings may be high but the carpets may be quite old with holes already. You have to look into this very carefully as this will affect the overall appearance of your wedding site. Take note that some ballrooms have floors that are covered with old or cheesy-looking carpets.


Some Orange County wedding venues may have their own decoration that is not quite suitable to your wedding style. Their centerpiece, flowers and chair ribbons may be quite different from your taste. If the colors don’t match you will only expose your wedding to ridicule and you do not want it. Thus, pick a wedding location that matches well with your wedding style and color scheme.

Architectural obstructions

Some guests may not be able to see everything at your wedding because their views are blocked by some pillars. You should take this into consideration and choose a ballroom or a function room with a few columns or none at all.


The shape of the ballroom, wedding hall or function room matters. Hence, when you are doing the venue hunt, try to see whether the venue is rectangular, square or circle. The perfect shape is either rectangular or square so that the stage is situated in such a way that it is visible to all.


Some of your guests may come from other areas and may have to prepare a lot earlier in order to get to your wedding early. Be considerate and select a venue where all of your guests can quickly and easily locate. Moreover, pick an area that provides ample parking and does not require your guests to walk a long way from their car. Also, after your nonstop search through all of the wedding dresses, make sure the venue has a private Bridal Room. by Kerry Johnson - Follow Kerry on G+!

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

More Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

Remember, your final choice when scouting the Southern California wedding locations says a lot about you. It is an important part of your wedding and choosing the perfect location for your wedding is not something that should be done at random. If you wish to have a perfect wedding, then as much as possible try to choose your reception location very carefully. You want to have a great time along with your guests on your wedding day for sure. Here are some great tips to consider before selecting the perfect site for your big day:


The space you choose will largely depend on the number of guests you have. Make sure there is enough room for the essentials such as the bar, the buffet, chairs, tables, the dance floor and DJ setup or the band. The area must be wide enough for all the guests. Choose a place where they can move around freely. Your guests should be able to see everything such as the cake table or the dance floor without any obstruction, so check if there are columns that might block their views.  


If you place great importance on your privacy during your wedding, look for Orange County wedding venues that can offer full security to avoid gate-crashers. If you are celebrating your wedding indoors such as at a hotel or a banquet hall, inquire if they can offer you the privacy you need. There are also galleries or restaurants that you can book for your entire wedding reception where you and all of your guests can enjoy with utmost privacy. You can also hold your wedding outdoors and still get the privacy you need when you celebrate it at a private lawn on a golf course or a private estate.


Wedding venues in Orange County with breathtaking views always make a wedding more special. Choose a location that can offer you and your guests the perfect ambiance. Your wedding will last for hours and you do not want to bore your guests, so pick an interesting view. A well-manicured garden, picturesque view of the mountains, or the waves of the sea will absolutely delight you and your guests. A reception room with well-designed furniture and fascinating art d├ęcor will add a touch of beauty and elegance to your wedding.


Lighting will depend whether you are getting married at night or at daytime. If are getting married in the daytime, the reception area should have enough windows where the light rays can pass through. An evening wedding is made more romantic by the use of dim lights or you can vary the degree of brightness for the dancing, dinner and big entrance.


Pick a wedding site that is appropriate for your wedding color theme. Definitely, you do not want your wedding to look strange, so pick a location where the walls, curtains, chairs and carpets match your wedding theme. For instance, if your color theme is pastel or floral, the bright red curtains in the reception hall will only spoil it.

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