Friday, June 26, 2015

Champagne Wedding Dress Ideas

From the OC Wedding Directory.....Currently Over 700 vendors listed.....Considered as the latest and hottest fashion trend these days, Champagne wedding dresses are just ideal for that lifetime occasion. When you think of these dresses, the first thing that should cross your mind is a toasty and celebrity feeling. The name is enshrined in the warm and beige-like hues, enhancing the diamond sparkle of the wedding day. The name of the dresses is a mirror image of the luxuriant bottle that gives them a celebration spirit. These bridal gowns not only reflect the color of champagne but also readiness to be used for during the wedding in any season of the year. These dresses have an unmatched charm to work magic on your big day.

Strapless Chiffon for Spring Romance

Spring is a season that is marked by the beauty of its diverse flowers and romantic picturesque that are perfect for holding the nuptials. This season fits well with the strapless empire waist chiffon for all brides. The flow in the fabric will not only keep the bridegroom longing for you but also keeps the ethereal elegance of the spring scene. The chiffon Champagne wedding dresses combine two design ideas to suit your taste. First, the beauty in the flowing chiffon fabric outlines your body’s glamorous curves enhanced by the empire waist design. Second, the dress emphasizes your aesthetic appeal brought about by the spring season. A perfect wedding in strapless empire waist chiffon wedding gown becomes real when other floral elements of the wedding are just a direct mix of scene, the dress color, and the picturesque of the season.

Strapless A-line Wedding Gown

The dress is an ideal crowning weddings that take place in the season of summer. During this season, the forests will be blossoming back to life to bring with them graceful summer forest wedding theme. This champagne wedding dresses use the silky pleated texture and flower-patterned skirt overlay to emphasize the gracefulness of the forest fairy-tale princess. On the other hand, the veil on the back and train finishing are what gives the dress an ideal appeal for use during a summer wedding.

Champagne Mermaid Trumpet Wedding Dress For The Fall

When the fall is approaching, brides need wedding dresses that have an emotional influence on them. This dress is characterized by a fish tail finish that makes brides appreciate an effortless emotional glamour of the day. The modest neckline enhances the dress’ decorative lace trim makes the bride to stand out throughout her lifetime ceremony. Most brides would arrange their hairstyles in superb curves to enhance the irresistible glitter of the dress’ embroidery.

Champagne A-line Dresses for beach wedding in Winter

A wedding in winter may sound weird for some people but champagne dresses that have golden embroidery makes the day a reality. One thing that you will never miss about this dress is the exquisite lace-up back for its strapless design. This gives the bride a seductive look when viewed in the light of the hem finishing on the skirt. During the wedding occasion, the dress places a rare and stunning finishing touch on the bride such that everything around her is simply breathtaking. You can read more about Champagne dresses, as well as Southern California bridal shops at the vendor directory for wedding dresses Orange County.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How To Use A Wedding Dress Size Chart

Wedding Dress Size Charts

Wedding dress sizes are normally different from your regular dress sizes.  Please take measurements and refer to the size charts to determine your appropriate gown size to order. Keep in mind that for a perfect fit, most gowns require some alterations.  We do not recommend to size up your wedding gown for there is no guarantee of adequate inseams. Typically, if you need to have it altered again, you'll be charged additional fees. Sizing down one size is usually not a problem. We recommend consulting a professional Orange County wedding dress seamstress to determine if any alterations or adjustments are required.

Standard Sizes

A difference of +/- 1/2" is acceptable for body and length measurements.

Measuring Tips

For accuracy, please wear the same heel height and similar undergarments (bra & slip) as the day of the wedding while taking measurements.  

Make sure to use a measuring tape when taking measurements.  We recommend having someone else help you with the measurements.  When measuring, pull the tape snug, but not too tight, and keep the tape parallel to the floor.  

  1. Bust:     Run the tape across fullest part of your breast and around under arms and back.  This is not your bra size!  Be sure to wear the bra with similar padding as the day of wedding.
  2. Waist:    Bring the tape around the smallest part of your waist, typically just an inch or so above your naval.
  3. Hips:     Run the tape around the widest part of your hips.
  4. Hollow to Waist (A to B):  Measure from your hollow at the base of the neck down to your waistline.
  5. Waist to Hem (B to C):     Measure from your waistline down to your desired hem.  Be sure to wear the same heel height as the day of wedding.       

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Outdoor Weddings In Orange County

Abundant with scenic vistas, mysterious beach locations, magical mountain-tops with forested glens and even glacier-white, sandy beaches, the pristine beauty and natural splendor of Orange County creates a majesty, an outdoor ambiance, for any type of wedding and reception request! The OC Wedding Directory has the following tips when you need to hire an Orange County wedding planner:

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings are possibly the very favorite venue to offer to any bride and groom... just the wedding couple, the celebrant and one witness, with the ceremony performed at the top of a mountain or the at water’s edge... this just might be the perfect dream come true. Or, this ceremony idea was a dream that the bride and groom had, but family obligations have now created a much larger function than the wedding couple had in mind. Call an experienced Orange County wedding planner to accommodate any wedding/reception guest list. Certain Southern California ceremony locations are available from mid spring to late fall, weather permitting. Beachfront ceremonies are performed year round.

An experienced Orange County wedding planner can plan your beautiful outdoor wedding in Orange County. Beach-front ceremonies can be organized by most wedding coordinators at the water’s edge, keeping the entire event extremely intimate. Mother Nature quietly offers her flawless and perfect gift to the wedding couple... a backdrop of silver, granite boulders with sparkling, sapphire skies blending into crystal, blue waters.

The entire wedding planning staff will impeccably custom design your outdoor wedding and attend to all the special details imaginable... even down to locking in on that perfect tee off time for the groom and groomsmen at one of Orange County's incredible golf courses, while the bride and bridesmaids relax before the wedding on a private yacht or boat cruise, including a completely catered luncheon.

For your outdoor ceremony a professional wedding planner sees to every detail. A ceremony at one of the wedding venues in Orange County officiated by non-denominational celebrants (wedding officiates or ministers) can take place right on an Orange County beach, perhaps at sunset, or, in a panoramic, ocean view, cathedral-beamed ceiling living room of a beach front property. In winter, wedding planners specialize in ceremonies directly in front of a river-rock fireplace, located in a living room with spectacular view and impeccable amenities.

A beautiful lakeside wedding in Mission Viejo is the wedding planner's specialty. Lakeside receptions coordinated by a professional wedding planner, whether small and intimate, or large and luxurious, are also one of our most significantly dramatic functions that a wedding coordinator can provide, orchestrating any detail that one can think of... beaches, estates or homes with decks and lawns, white-carpeted condominiums; private facilities reserved just for your private party... all of the above ,with stunning Orange County views, are available year-round, depending upon availability. If the wedding couple’s budget and schedule allow, a wedding planner will even plan a personal itinerary of a day-long site tour to inspect and find the perfect accommodations, as well as the ultimate ceremony and reception site... keeping in mind that dancing and dining under the Southern California stars is the ultimate!

An outdoor wedding ceremony is a dream come true.The following outdoor ceremonies include the minister, music, your coordinator, and chapel facility as a weather back-up. Depending on the package chosen, 20 minutes of coordination is provided before event and anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, the day of event. Orange County Florist and Formal Wear experts are readily available to assist you with floral ideas and upgrades, tuxedo requests and wedding apparel.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Some Great Ideas For Your Wedding Reception Music

Wedding Music Ideas

Selecting proper wedding reception music is not an easy task. And this is something that will never occur to your mind beforehand when you have enough time to organize for something. But only after a benevolent friend makes you aware at the very last moment that you suddenly get charged up to pep up your wedding night. Now-a-days it is a very in thing to infuse appropriate music in the wedding video album. But you have to arrange some live music on the D-day. And here are some tips on how to go about it, brought to you by the Orange County Wedding Directory!!

Set the genre

You may have ample of choices in front of you when you are all set to pick up your wedding reception music. But, you have to narrow down your search, as you may have to finalize everything within an hour or two. So, limit your search within a few genres of your choice. Consult with your partner. It may strengthen your bonding more. Once the genres are set, go for the most popular numbers which your guests will enjoy, even if they do not pay close attention to what is being played.

Be traditional

The traditional way of adding music to a wedding party is to play music CDs and cassettes. No matter, what new modes of entertainments may come about, music CDs will never lose out their charm. While selecting wedding reception music, you can go movie-wise. The evergreen movies and their songs will never fail to entertain the guests.

Go for trends

DJ music is the trend of today. Even in wedding reception music, you can call for a DJ performance, provided you have enough time in advance to ensure a proper arrangement. In that case, you must make sure that you can provide ample of space to the guests to dance freely. If you are planning to fetch in a DJ performance, you have to set the paraphernalia too. A traditional wedding ceremony will not be smart enough to carry a DJ performance. So, before picking up your wedding reception music, you must decide on the attitude of your party. You must consider the nature of the guests coming. If the invitees consist primarily of youngsters, you can happily think of a DJ party.

Live band

Live performances by music bands are also setting trends in wedding reception music. If it is something that you are aiming at, you must take care of the space. The performance being engaging you must allot a specific time for the performance. Otherwise, there will be no use of such a performance. But which band to go for? In your search, you must concentrate on the popular and much loved contemporary bands.

Wedding Songs

Music is an inseparable part of any celebration. Some marriage rituals make music ceremony a mandatory ritual. But for the rest, it is not so. Choosing wedding reception music is all left to your own will. You may feel it unnecessary if you are thinking of a chaotic and traditional family gathering. But, any social event can turn out to be like that. So what’s special about the wedding reception? Make it an unforgettable one, sewing with melody.