Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Choosing the right Wedding Reception Location

Wedding reception locations are one of the most important elements that contribute to the success of the party. Wedding day is mostly a busy day for all. Most families choose to keep the wedding a formal occasion and host the reception party on another day. So, the wedding reception is the real celebration of the wedding. Several guests are invited to the reception to bless the newlyweds. This is the time when everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy themselves. Thus, the wedding reception location must be chosen in a way that it allows the guests to have a good time.

Wedding Reception Location

Wedding reception locations can either be indoor or outdoor. If you choose to host your wedding reception indoors, you can go for a site that offers banquet tables, lounge areas, music stations, personal bars and dance floors. Some sites also include nuptial games and photo spots in their package. Indoor wedding reception locations can be decorated according to a theme. The theme would apply to everything-decorations, menu, entertainment, outfits, centerpieces, etc. Themed parties are always memorable.

You may choose to decorate the wedding reception location in a traditional manner or in an informal manner. If you wish to have an informal reception party, try incorporating some of the latest, trendy elements in the decorations.

Indoor wedding reception locations are suitable for those on a tight budget. You have several options by way of restaurants, banquet halls and carnival grounds.

Wedding Reception Location and Venue

If you are willing to spend generously and wish to have a lavish party, you may settle for outdoor wedding reception locations. A reception party at the beach provides the ultimate experience. The natural beauty and charm of an outdoor location can never be matched by any banquet hall. That said, arranging a beach reception is a rather risky affair. There are many things that could go wrong if you are not prepared from beforehand to handle the adversity. For instance, the weather could suddenly turn bad, strong winds may blow away the decorations or the food may become cold if proper heating arrangements are not in place. Also, some of your guests may be having sea sickness, and they may actually detest the idea of a beach reception. So, if you think you do not want to get into all those hassles, it is better to avoid the beach and go for a beautiful vineyard or rooftop garden. A beautiful garden or vineyard is an ideal place to organize a wedding reception party.

Choosing the right wedding reception location

Before considering the various wedding venues in Orange County, you should find out the number of guests you want to invite. Your dream location should be large enough to accommodate all your guests and make them feel comfortable. If you have a huge guest list, it is better to organize an outdoor wedding reception party. It is also important that you select a location which is easily reachable.

You must start planning for the reception well in advance so that there are no last minute problems. Make all your bookings in advance, so that everything is available whenever you need them.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Champagne Wedding Dress Ideas

From the OC Wedding Directory.....Currently Over 700 vendors listed.....Considered as the latest and hottest fashion trend these days, Champagne wedding dresses are just ideal for that lifetime occasion. When you think of these dresses, the first thing that should cross your mind is a toasty and celebrity feeling. The name is enshrined in the warm and beige-like hues, enhancing the diamond sparkle of the wedding day. The name of the dresses is a mirror image of the luxuriant bottle that gives them a celebration spirit. These bridal gowns not only reflect the color of champagne but also readiness to be used for during the wedding in any season of the year. These dresses have an unmatched charm to work magic on your big day.

Strapless Chiffon for Spring Romance

Spring is a season that is marked by the beauty of its diverse flowers and romantic picturesque that are perfect for holding the nuptials. This season fits well with the strapless empire waist chiffon for all brides. The flow in the fabric will not only keep the bridegroom longing for you but also keeps the ethereal elegance of the spring scene. The chiffon Champagne wedding dresses combine two design ideas to suit your taste. First, the beauty in the flowing chiffon fabric outlines your body’s glamorous curves enhanced by the empire waist design. Second, the dress emphasizes your aesthetic appeal brought about by the spring season. A perfect wedding in strapless empire waist chiffon wedding gown becomes real when other floral elements of the wedding are just a direct mix of scene, the dress color, and the picturesque of the season.

Strapless A-line Wedding Gown

The dress is an ideal crowning weddings that take place in the season of summer. During this season, the forests will be blossoming back to life to bring with them graceful summer forest wedding theme. This champagne wedding dresses use the silky pleated texture and flower-patterned skirt overlay to emphasize the gracefulness of the forest fairy-tale princess. On the other hand, the veil on the back and train finishing are what gives the dress an ideal appeal for use during a summer wedding.

Champagne Mermaid Trumpet Wedding Dress For The Fall

When the fall is approaching, brides need wedding dresses that have an emotional influence on them. This dress is characterized by a fish tail finish that makes brides appreciate an effortless emotional glamour of the day. The modest neckline enhances the dress’ decorative lace trim makes the bride to stand out throughout her lifetime ceremony. Most brides would arrange their hairstyles in superb curves to enhance the irresistible glitter of the dress’ embroidery.

Champagne A-line Dresses for beach wedding in Winter

A wedding in winter may sound weird for some people but champagne dresses that have golden embroidery makes the day a reality. One thing that you will never miss about this dress is the exquisite lace-up back for its strapless design. This gives the bride a seductive look when viewed in the light of the hem finishing on the skirt. During the wedding occasion, the dress places a rare and stunning finishing touch on the bride such that everything around her is simply breathtaking. You can read more about Champagne dresses, as well as Southern California bridal shops at the vendor directory for wedding dresses Orange County.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How To Use A Wedding Dress Size Chart

Wedding Dress Size Charts

Wedding dress sizes are normally different from your regular dress sizes.  Please take measurements and refer to the size charts to determine your appropriate gown size to order. Keep in mind that for a perfect fit, most gowns require some alterations.  We do not recommend to size up your wedding gown for there is no guarantee of adequate inseams. Typically, if you need to have it altered again, you'll be charged additional fees. Sizing down one size is usually not a problem. We recommend consulting a professional Orange County wedding dress seamstress to determine if any alterations or adjustments are required.

Standard Sizes

A difference of +/- 1/2" is acceptable for body and length measurements.

Measuring Tips

For accuracy, please wear the same heel height and similar undergarments (bra & slip) as the day of the wedding while taking measurements.  

Make sure to use a measuring tape when taking measurements.  We recommend having someone else help you with the measurements.  When measuring, pull the tape snug, but not too tight, and keep the tape parallel to the floor.  

  1. Bust:     Run the tape across fullest part of your breast and around under arms and back.  This is not your bra size!  Be sure to wear the bra with similar padding as the day of wedding.
  2. Waist:    Bring the tape around the smallest part of your waist, typically just an inch or so above your naval.
  3. Hips:     Run the tape around the widest part of your hips.
  4. Hollow to Waist (A to B):  Measure from your hollow at the base of the neck down to your waistline.
  5. Waist to Hem (B to C):     Measure from your waistline down to your desired hem.  Be sure to wear the same heel height as the day of wedding.       

Brought To You By: The OC Wedding Directory

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Outdoor Weddings In Orange County

Abundant with scenic vistas, mysterious beach locations, magical mountain-tops with forested glens and even glacier-white, sandy beaches, the pristine beauty and natural splendor of Orange County creates a majesty, an outdoor ambiance, for any type of wedding and reception request! The OC Wedding Directory has the following tips when you need to hire an Orange County wedding planner:

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings are possibly the very favorite venue to offer to any bride and groom... just the wedding couple, the celebrant and one witness, with the ceremony performed at the top of a mountain or the at water’s edge... this just might be the perfect dream come true. Or, this ceremony idea was a dream that the bride and groom had, but family obligations have now created a much larger function than the wedding couple had in mind. Call an experienced Orange County wedding planner to accommodate any wedding/reception guest list. Certain Southern California ceremony locations are available from mid spring to late fall, weather permitting. Beachfront ceremonies are performed year round.

An experienced Orange County wedding planner can plan your beautiful outdoor wedding in Orange County. Beach-front ceremonies can be organized by most wedding coordinators at the water’s edge, keeping the entire event extremely intimate. Mother Nature quietly offers her flawless and perfect gift to the wedding couple... a backdrop of silver, granite boulders with sparkling, sapphire skies blending into crystal, blue waters.

The entire wedding planning staff will impeccably custom design your outdoor wedding and attend to all the special details imaginable... even down to locking in on that perfect tee off time for the groom and groomsmen at one of Orange County's incredible golf courses, while the bride and bridesmaids relax before the wedding on a private yacht or boat cruise, including a completely catered luncheon.

For your outdoor ceremony a professional wedding planner sees to every detail. A ceremony at one of the wedding venues in Orange County officiated by non-denominational celebrants (wedding officiates or ministers) can take place right on an Orange County beach, perhaps at sunset, or, in a panoramic, ocean view, cathedral-beamed ceiling living room of a beach front property. In winter, wedding planners specialize in ceremonies directly in front of a river-rock fireplace, located in a living room with spectacular view and impeccable amenities.

A beautiful lakeside wedding in Mission Viejo is the wedding planner's specialty. Lakeside receptions coordinated by a professional wedding planner, whether small and intimate, or large and luxurious, are also one of our most significantly dramatic functions that a wedding coordinator can provide, orchestrating any detail that one can think of... beaches, estates or homes with decks and lawns, white-carpeted condominiums; private facilities reserved just for your private party... all of the above ,with stunning Orange County views, are available year-round, depending upon availability. If the wedding couple’s budget and schedule allow, a wedding planner will even plan a personal itinerary of a day-long site tour to inspect and find the perfect accommodations, as well as the ultimate ceremony and reception site... keeping in mind that dancing and dining under the Southern California stars is the ultimate!

An outdoor wedding ceremony is a dream come true.The following outdoor ceremonies include the minister, music, your coordinator, and chapel facility as a weather back-up. Depending on the package chosen, 20 minutes of coordination is provided before event and anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, the day of event. Orange County Florist and Formal Wear experts are readily available to assist you with floral ideas and upgrades, tuxedo requests and wedding apparel.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Some Great Ideas For Your Wedding Reception Music

Wedding Music Ideas

Selecting proper wedding reception music is not an easy task. And this is something that will never occur to your mind beforehand when you have enough time to organize for something. But only after a benevolent friend makes you aware at the very last moment that you suddenly get charged up to pep up your wedding night. Now-a-days it is a very in thing to infuse appropriate music in the wedding video album. But you have to arrange some live music on the D-day. And here are some tips on how to go about it, brought to you by the Orange County Wedding Directory!!

Set the genre

You may have ample of choices in front of you when you are all set to pick up your wedding reception music. But, you have to narrow down your search, as you may have to finalize everything within an hour or two. So, limit your search within a few genres of your choice. Consult with your partner. It may strengthen your bonding more. Once the genres are set, go for the most popular numbers which your guests will enjoy, even if they do not pay close attention to what is being played.

Be traditional

The traditional way of adding music to a wedding party is to play music CDs and cassettes. No matter, what new modes of entertainments may come about, music CDs will never lose out their charm. While selecting wedding reception music, you can go movie-wise. The evergreen movies and their songs will never fail to entertain the guests.

Go for trends

DJ music is the trend of today. Even in wedding reception music, you can call for a DJ performance, provided you have enough time in advance to ensure a proper arrangement. In that case, you must make sure that you can provide ample of space to the guests to dance freely. If you are planning to fetch in a DJ performance, you have to set the paraphernalia too. A traditional wedding ceremony will not be smart enough to carry a DJ performance. So, before picking up your wedding reception music, you must decide on the attitude of your party. You must consider the nature of the guests coming. If the invitees consist primarily of youngsters, you can happily think of a DJ party.

Live band

Live performances by music bands are also setting trends in wedding reception music. If it is something that you are aiming at, you must take care of the space. The performance being engaging you must allot a specific time for the performance. Otherwise, there will be no use of such a performance. But which band to go for? In your search, you must concentrate on the popular and much loved contemporary bands.

Wedding Songs

Music is an inseparable part of any celebration. Some marriage rituals make music ceremony a mandatory ritual. But for the rest, it is not so. Choosing wedding reception music is all left to your own will. You may feel it unnecessary if you are thinking of a chaotic and traditional family gathering. But, any social event can turn out to be like that. So what’s special about the wedding reception? Make it an unforgettable one, sewing with melody.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

What to Look For When Buying Beach Wedding Dresses

Beach weddings are probably the most magical types of weddings out there, and it happens to be the most versatile kinds as well. In Southern California, there are many wedding venues in Orange County that are right on the beach! A beach wedding allows you to be as imaginative as you want when it comes the decorations and giveaways. However, one of the toughest things that you have to get right with a beach wedding is the dress. Beach wedding dresses come in all sorts of styles and designs, so it can be quite intimidating to choose just one. Fortunately, there are a couple things that you can do to make sure you get the perfect dress for your beach wedding.

Laced Or Crochet

Some of the most romantic types of fabrics that would best suit beach weddings would have to be lace and crochet. These two materials have a soft look to them that will really complement the entire beach atmosphere. However, just make sure that the entire dress isn't just made from these fabrics alone. You want them to just be an accent to the overall dress. If you can’t personally customize your wedding dress, just get one that already has this fabric.

Free Flowing

Secondly, you want to get a wedding dress that is completely free flowing, because it will make you feel like you’re floating on the sand. Free flowing dresses are also super comfortable, as they are usually made with silk. The look of free flowing beach wedding dresses are like mullet dresses, but are longer and more elegant of course. Whether you get a tube dress, off the shoulder dress, or a turtleneck dress, be sure it has some sort of flow so that it blends in well with the beach. Plus, these dresses will also look breathtaking in pictures.

When wearing beach wedding dresses, it is important to add the right amount of accessories with them. A couple accessories you can wear with your wedding dress include a veil, necklace, tiara or head-lace, earrings, bracelet, and flower. You don’t necessarily have to wear too much accessories, because you want your dress to be the star attraction, but a bit of accents will make the dress even more gorgeous. Secondly, since you’re getting married on the beach, wearing high heels isn't all that needed. You want to feel one with the beach, and so being barefoot or wearing sandals will be just fine. However, if you want to add a couple inches to your height, consider wearing comfortable heels, because you don’t want to get cramps during the ceremony.

When you know what to look for your perfect beach wedding dress, you will then be able to find one that best suits your style. Just make sure that you know what particular style you’re going for, especially if you don’t have a stylist by your side when shopping for one. If you can, also consider to have a drawing of all the beach wedding dresses you love and find a dress that has the most similarity with the drawing.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Orange County Wedding Officiants

Many civilians are authorized to perform weddings in some states but not in California. Yes, you CAN do it; you send away for a Universal Life Church ordination by mail.

If you do a friend's ceremony, then a guest at his wedding will probably ask you to do hers; it'll grow from there, and before you know it you'll have performed multiple other ceremonies since. It should be considered an honor to be part of this extra-ordinarily special and exciting time in couples' lives.

(The only dogma of the Universal Life Church is the Golden Rule, which is a part of almost every major religion in the world.)

The Ceremony

All that the law requires is that you each say that you want to marry the other. Therefore, although many wedding officiants Orange County will have a civil (non-religious) ceremony that they usually use, they will be happy to work with you to select the special wording you should have for this very special event in your lives. It can and should be just what you both want. Orange County wedding officiants will be happy to include special rituals from other religions, cultures and backgrounds and have often combined these with more traditional ceremonies. Again, the ceremony should be just what you want. Wedding officiants will be pleased to make it so.

You must have a marriage license, and you must bring it with you to the ceremony. For Orange County call the Orange County Recorder's Office at: (714) 834-2500 at any time for a recording which gives complete information about marriage licenses. You can also watch the video below for a tutorial on how to get your Orange County Marriage License:

Places to Wed

There are many beautiful places to get married in Orange County. The Courthouse grounds located at 211 W Santa Ana Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92701, the beaches and the parks are free. All of the photographs on this website are views from or views of lovely sites for weddings.

A private home and a private garden are also available. There are numerous other locations such as hotels, your own or a friend's home, bed and breakfast inns and other sites available for rent. Be sure to check out our OC Wedding Directory for a truly exhaustive list of venues throughout Orange County!


The typical officiant's fee is based on the amount of time involved, so it depends on the circumstances of your wedding - how big it is, how far from South Orange County, whether you want to meet with the wedding officiant, and any other items that may add to the time. For a basic, simple wedding at the Orange County Courthouse the average fee is $150. That covers whatever is needed in phone calls or e-mails to prepare the language of the ceremony you want, the performance of the ceremony itself and the filing of the marriage license.

Getting married is one of the most joyous occasions you'll experience. You'll remember your wedding day the rest of your life, but you shouldn't have to pay off the expense of it until then, too! As your wedding officiant, the reverend is committed to providing you with a quality ceremony that reflects not only your secular or spiritual beliefs, but also your budget. You shouldn't have to compromise elegance, style, and quality for the sake of affordability!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Orange County Limo Service

Is there anything more elegant than riding in a shiny, chauffeured limo? An Orange County Limo Service can provide that experience for all of its clients because they use only the top limos for rent in the business. Irvine services have a wide variety of limousines to choose from and have something for all occasions. Whether you are planning a family gathering, a corporate event, or just a good old night on the town, Irvine limo is the one for you. Irvine services has an eclectic fleet of limos all waiting to serve you at your next special event. Irvine limo offers upscale interiors inside all of their limos including a television, stereo, a full bar with distinctive glasses, reading lights, tinted windows, and adaptors for all of your electronic needs. Irvine limo will treat you and your guests like true VIP's as you ride through Irvine like movie stars, or jet off to wherever your final destination may be.

Irvine limo offers transportation to weddings, funerals, proms, graduations, concerts and sporting events, dinner outings, the theater, sweet sixteen and quinceanera parties, and many other events and occasions.

Irvine limo is also able to cater to all your corporate events. Whether it is a trip to the office in a luxury town car or an upscale evening planned for you and your colleagues, Irvine limo will be there to make sure that all your transportation needs are met.

Limo rentals are also available for all airport runs. Whether your arrival/departure is at 12 pm, or 12 am, Irvine limo services will be able to accommodate you with either a town car or limo to make your ride to and/or from the airport relaxing and peaceful.

Irvine Limo Will Always Recommend The Best Limo Service In The Irvine Area

Irvine limo has many limo companies to choose from for all your transportation needs. A strong limo rental company will always put the customer first and be able to accommodate a wide variety of requests to fit that customer's needs. A reputable Irvine limo company like Elite Express Limousine will always offer fair and competitive pricing, which fills your needs without emptying your pockets. All transportation services are not created equal. Remember to always use an established limo company with a rock solid reputation.

Irvine Limo always staffs professional chauffeurs that share common characteristics of kindness, courteousness and punctuality.  Their only job is to put the customer first and ensure they have a great experience with Irvine Limo.  Elite Express Limousine believes a truly professional chauffeur always understands that being late is never an option, and that most events are contingent upon a time table. Irvine services are an established part of Orange County. A reputable limo company like Elite Express Limousine understands that your time is valuable and will only use drivers that are sensitive to that fact.

Elite Express Limousine is an experienced transportation services and limousine company that will always give you peace of mind while planning your event. They are waiting to help you to find your dream transportation for your next party. If you would like further information about Elite Express Limousine and how they can help you with your transportation needs, please fill out the short form to the right of the page and an experienced transportation professional will contact you shortly. Remember, Elite Express Limousine and Irvine Limo are here for all of your transportation needs.

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Wedding Flower FAQ

Q: What can I expect from a consultation?

       The point of an initial consultation is to get to know the designers and their work, and to discuss your ideas and your overall vision. At your initial consultation, you’ll typically meet with one of the  design specialists to go over any ideas you may have about what your event should look like, the colors you want incorporated, the theme you have planned, etc. most Orange County wedding floral designers request that before your consultation you fill out the initial questionnaire and fax it to them a week before. This enables them to get an idea of your style and personal taste and helps the consultation to run more smoothly. The consultation provides you with an opportunity to be able to see photographs of past events designed by the designer to help you visualize your event’s possibilities. Designers pride themselves on the ability to create stunning interpretations of the client’s wishes. At the consultation they wish to learn as much about you as they possibly can so they can, so they are better able to do this.

Q: What should I bring to the consultation?

     The better you can communicate the look you are after, the better prepared the designer will be to create your vision. Look through magazines and books for ideas which appeal to you. Bring anything that you think might prove helpful: magazine photos of arrangements, photos of other weddings, a list of your favorite flowers, etc.; this will help them determine what your own unique style is. Also it would be helpful if you could provide pictures of your ceremony and reception sites. And be sure to bring a picture of your bridal gown and your bridesmaids’ gowns so the designer can suggest complimentary arrangements and colors. If possible providing a swatch of the material of the dresses would also be helpful. This enables them to match or compliment the colors you have chosen most accurately. The key is to verbalize what you want, but also come with an open mind. You are sure to be impressed with the look they will create for you.

Q: How long are the consultations?

      On average the initial consultation takes an hour to an hour and a half.

Q: What if I don’t know my colors or names of flowers?

     Most Orange County floral designers don’t expect you to know the names of flowers. they are there to help and guide you with those decisions. They would likely love answering questions and introducing unique flowers and interesting foliages to their clients in the hopes of finding a look which perfectly suits them. If you don’t have your colors picked out yet, don’t despair. Florists can still give you a preliminary consultation to help get you started and give suggestions for different color combinations based on your overall theme.

Q: Can I see a sample of my centerpiece?

       Yes, usually. To see a prototype of your centerpiece choice, you will probably have to call to arrange a sample viewing at least one to two months prior to your event, and at least ten days prior to the date of the sample viewing appointment

 Q: Where do the consultations take place?  

     Consultations may take place at the florist's retail shop, their design studio, your home, the designer's home, or any venue the Bride feels comfortable. The actual floral design may take place in a retail location, commercial area, or anywhere which is fully equipped with a large walk in refrigerator and workstations. All designs are typically kept fresh during transportation with large refrigerated box units, so clients are ensured they will receive only the freshest arrangements possible.

Q: Do floral designers have a minimum in terms of cost?

     In terms of weddings, it’s very difficult to accurately answer that question because of the many factors involved. The designs offered are not mass produced. They are unique and specially tailored to reflect the distinctive characteristics of each of the clients. For this reason many florists in Orange County do not offer any package deals. However, they realize weddings are expensive and are very adept at creating the look you want to achieve while staying within your budget. The average price of flowers for weddings is typically between $2,000-$3,000 dollars. Many designers have done very exquisite, small, intimate weddings for a few hundred dollars and have also done very elaborate, very large weddings for over $50,000. Some floral designers have no minimum in terms of cost and are able to work within any budget. They design your wedding so that it will be the perfect reflection of you, of your personal tastes and desires. Your floral designer's most immediate concern is that they have your date available, for many do book up quickly. Please contact them early!

Q: Do floral designers require a deposit? 

     This can vary significantly; anywhere from a required deposit of $200.00 or 25% to secure your date at the time of confirmation, up to 50%. If no deposit is received within fourteen days, the date may be forfeited. For your convenience most florists accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as checks

 Q: Who pays for what?

      Tradition states that the bride or her family pays for all the attendant’s bouquets, church flowers, and reception flowers. The groom or the groom’s parents typically pays for the bride’s bouquet, the mothers’ corsages and all of the boutonnières, and, of course, any flowers at the rehearsal dinner.

You can get more great tips at the OC Wedding Guide.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Orange County Beach Weddings

Sunset beach weddings in Orange County are sooooo romantic! Imagine a moonlit beach wedding under the stars, with the tiki torches lit! I love the idea of a touching beach wedding ceremony, with a beach wedding theme throughout your entire ceremony, ceremony wording, beach wedding vows, beach theme wedding readings, and beach theme wedding symbolisms (Blessing Stones & Unity Heart of Sand). In Southern California you won't need to worry about any witnesses to your beach wedding, so it can be as intimate or as large of a beach ceremony as you want. Beach weddings can be as casual or as elegant as you like. From khakis to tuxedos. From beach wedding dresses to glamorous A-Line Dresses.
Beach weddings can include a Unity Heart of Sand (the bride and groom fill with colored beach sand as they recite a verse) and Blessing Stones (these get all your beach wedding guests involved-to toss into the ocean after the wedding ceremony-as they say a verse).
The beach wedding ceremony is approximately 10-15 minutes long.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Traditional Procession

The Traditional Procession starts after the seating of the Bride's Mother. At that time the Groom, the Best Man and the Officiant will enter the room/chapel from the front. Once in place the rest of the groomsmen will come in from the back followed by the Bridesmaids, the Maid of Honor and then the Flower Girl and Ringbearer. After all of the wedding party has arrived at the front of the room/chapel, it is customary that the Mother of the Bride be the first to stand and look at the back of the room/chapel for her daughter's entry. This is the signal for the audience to stand and the Bride to make her entry with her father escorting. Most wedding venues in Orange County have a separate room for the Bride to wait in.

Once the Father of The Bride and the Bride arrive at the front of the room/chapel The officiant will face the audience and the wedding party will take up the following positions:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wedding Planner In Orange County – A Helping Hand

Weddings are a complex event which require proper management of a series of event which are inter-linked and related. One lapse will derail the whole process and can be an embarrassment for you. So to effectively manage your wedding plans you need a helping hand. The wedding planner Orange County comes to you as this helping hand taking the load of planning, managements and execution of the wedding tasks off your shoulders.

The movie “The Wedding Planners” was a great hit as people who saw the movie realized what sort of efforts go into the planning of a perfect marriage. It is a grand event in a person’s life and no one likes to spoil it by improper handling. Southern California Wedding Planners are important for such perfect wedding. Before we choose to have a Wedding Planners hired, the utility of having a Wedding Planners must be made clear in our mind. Is the money spent on a Wedding Planners worth it? This is the question which comes in our mind at the very first instance of Wedding Planners coming in our thought when we are a bit tight in our budget.

To hire or not to ire is a matter of personal preference. Not all people are capable of taking up and doing so many of the tasks associated with a wedding ceremony in Orange County. If you are comfortable in handling all the planning on your own with your fiancé then you are always welcome to do the leg work. But if your want to do quality work only and do not mind paying for the leg work then you must hire a Wedding Planner as in case of a marriage there is a lot of leg work involved which requires running here and there, meeting the vendors etc. Wedding Planners should be someone who has in depth knowledge of the wedding processes and tasks involved and should have sufficient contacts to get things moving instantly and should be capable of providing an instant backup should the vendor fail to deliver due to any unforeseen reasons. Unless you know the rigors involved in the wedding planning, it may be a nightmare for you and your fiancé. So if budget permits it is advisable to hire an Orange County wedding planner.

Hiring a perfect Wedding Planner can be daunting task; but once you have chosen one your wedding is going to be a smooth sailing and will leave your stress free. It is quite tedious for the bride or the groom to do their own wedding planning as it is quite time consuming. It takes time to plan meticulously every detail about the wedding. You can save your time and effort if you can hire he services of a wedding planned.

Most people usually think that hiring a Wedding Planner is an additional financial cost to them realizing little that the wedding planner will save them a lot more in terms of money and especially in time. These planners have regular suppliers who will not supply to an individual at the same rates as negotiated by these Wedding Planners who are able to negotiate a better deal as they provide regular clientele. So it is a wise decision to hire a Southern California Wedding Planner if your finances will permit it.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guidelines To Follow While Choosing Beach Wedding Reception Dresses

One of the biggest moments in the life is one’s wedding. Naturally, everyone wants to look his or her best. To do so it is very important to know, what will be the ideal attire to wear during such an important ceremony. Generally, most brides choose the traditional type of gown, when it comes to the wedding. Nevertheless, choosing proper gowns as the Wedding Reception Dresses is a matter of careful consideration.

Beach Wedding Reception Dresses should be according to the venue

After the church, wedding people, select various venues for post wedding parties such as beach, poolside, garden or ballroom. Therefore, the size, color, length, accessorizes too must be at par with the spot. For example, if one is at the ballroom, nothing but a formal gown or a suit is ideal. Short dresses are required for a beach party with flat sandals to complement it. Similarly, the bride and the groom need to be prepared for the weather if one is marrying in the winter or monsoon. If it is scheduled for the winter then the gown must essentially have long sleeves with tea-length hemline.

Cute beach wedding dresses

Nevertheless, choosing two wedding dresses Orange County for the wedding can be little expensive for some. In addition, there may not be time for the bride to change; reputed designers have come with a solution. The dress could be a two-in-one! These dresses, though looks pretty much like a common gown, have a secret. With the help of hooks and eyelets makes a connection, which, can be separated. Thus in no time a long and elaborate gown can become a short frock with the skirt removed to become perfect as dress. They are so easy to remove that even the bride herself can detach it.
One can follow the given suggestions of the experts to avoid any unexpected situation:
  • It is suggested that one takes help of close ones to choose wedding reception dresses to receive opinions
  • Using make-up should be strictly avoided to prevent marring of the dress
  • The undergarments have to be of correct size
  • The accessorizes, like, the shoes and jewelry have to complement the garment
  • Care should be taken that the dress fits in perfectly, or the entire preparation could be marred by it
The beach wedding dresses most of the time are extremely elaborated and heavy. Therefore, the wedding Reception Dresses have to be planned in a way as to give maximum comfort to the bride. As a rule she is suppose to wear the wedding gown during her dances with her husband and father. To maintain the level of comfort during her reception most brides now takes off their formal gown soon after that.
Keeping that in mind a typical reception dress should be lightweight. So that the bride can have a gala time by changing into relaxed attire. Therefore, one has to be very specific about the choice of raw materials. They have to be extremely easeful, attractive like, cotton, and silk.
The bride and the groom can look their best in their wedding day – look stylish and elegant at the same time without being over-dressed if they take proper care and measures.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Orange County Limo Service

Tips for hiring a Limo service in Orange County

When you're searching for a wedding day limousine service, make sure you look for a leader in the transportation industry, a company that will be there to cater to all your special event needs. From corporate events to weddings, from parties to concerts, their limo experience and service will make your event one to remember. A reputable Southern California limo service will hire the most dedicated, certified limo drivers to provide the highest quality limo service across all of California. Contact them As Soon As Possible to reserve your limousine for an unforgettable evening.
White limousines are perfect for your wedding day transportation. You have many other things to think about on your special day. After booking with an Orange County Limo Service, you won't have to worry about being late. Their drivers make it their duty to be there for you on this one day you will remember forever.

Night On The Town
Think of them on your night out on the town. The chauffeur will transport you wherever you want to go to make your night the best it can be. When you use them for your bachelor or bachelorette party, they often offer a special deal for your wedding day. Don't worry about parking your car or carrying all your luggage across the parking lot. They will typically provide you with on time, door side service. They make getting to the airport an easy task.
Whether you have an important client coming to town or you just need to get to a company function, their limos are perfect for the job.
Celebrating an anniversary is a very special event. Let the transportation company help you wine and dine your significant other - ask them if they have any silver and gold anniversary packages. They may also have special offers for newlyweds.
Prom Night
Prom is a night to remember; your Orange County Limo Service will be sure to make your night special. Make it a group date with several of your friends or a romantic one with just you and your date.
Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties
Don't worry about how you're getting home at the end of the night, let their chauffeur drive you around. When the heat is on, let the limo company meet your transportation needs.

Most limo companies have a minimum of 2 hours for each of their limousines.
Average hourly rate for a 14 passenger limousine: $85/hr
Average hourly rate for a 10 passenger limousine: $75/hr
You can always ask if they have any bachelor and bachelorette wedding specials.
Many Orange County transportation companies now have online forms you can fill out. They'll usually get back with you shortly to confirm your reservation and collect payment.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Confidential Marriage License In Orange County

How do I get a confidential marriage license in Orange County? The Orange County Registrar/Recorder has authorized a small number of notary publics to assist with the issuance of marriage licenses, or you may wish to visit their office. An authorized notary can issue a license to you at your convenience, after hours and weekends in the comfort of your home or office. A license issued by Mobile Marriage License Service is just as legal and binding as if you had appeared before the Registrar/Recorder. What are the requirements for a confidential marriage license?
  • You must be an unmarried couple, age 18 or older that is living together as husband and wife, and you both must appear together in person in front of the Registrar/Recorder or authorized notary issuing the license.
  • You both must possess a valid, non-expired state issued I.D. card, driver's license, or U.S. govt. issued I.D card, passport, military I.D., or Alien Registration Card (formerly known as the “Green Card”) etc. Acceptable identification is one that contains a photograph, date of birth, an issue and expiration date, and may contain a physical description. A birth certificate alone is not valid identification and all documents must be in English.
  • If you have been divorced within the last two (2) years, you must bring a copy of your divorce decree. If the marriage was dissolved more than two years ago, you must know the official date that it was finalized. NOTE: Until the final date of dissolution you are still married and a license and ceremony cannot be completed.
  • If you have been widowed within the last two (2) years, you must bring a copy of the death certificate.
  • You will need to know your mother's maiden name and the state (country, if foreign born) of birth of both your parents.
How long is the license valid for? The marriage license is good for ninety (90) days from the date of issuance and can ONLY be used in the County of issuance. If your license expires before you have your ceremony you will have to purchase a new license. Ideally you should get your license about 1 month prior to your wedding.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wedding Officiants Orange County

Many couples opt for an intimate ceremony at their home, a park, at the beach, or at another beautiful location in Orange County. Others will want a larger gathering with family and friends at a hotel , chapel or event center. Some will want traditional ceremony wording, many others will opt for a more contemporary approach. It's all good! What matters is that your ceremony is a personal reflection of who you are as a couple.
Please peruse the many different Wedding Officiants websites to see the many options available to you. You'll see that most do not differentiate their services as being for straight couples verses gay couples. Their philosophy has usually been that a wedding is a wedding is a wedding, regardless of the sex of the partners. Subsequently, you will not see separate ceremony listings for commitment ceremonies. All ceremony levels are available to all couples. Please excuse their periodic usage of the words "bride" and "groom." While "Partner A" and "Partner B" works for the marriage license, it's a bit cumbersome to use in most marketing materials! Most would love to use their experience, creativity and passion to co-create your joyful, unique and memorable ceremony!
Most Orange County wedding officiants pray that all people of goodwill will find a moment of hope in what we're doing here today. "That love does win, that justice does win, that hope does win and that commitment and honor do win." -Rabbi Denise Eger, performing one of the first legal lesbian ceremonies in California 6/16/08 Most Wedding Officiants is proud and excited to serve the members of our gay & lesbian community in California by performing same-sex marriages. Fortunately, the passage of Proposition 8 has for the most part been dismantled, and officiants want to do their best to ensure that all couples have access to unique, joyful and memorable ceremonies love no matter what their gender.
Some gay couples are choosing to exchange their vows publicly and jubilantly in an almost circus-like atmosphere. While wedding officiants embrace these types of exuberant ceremonies and certainly understand the elation, we want to remind same-sex couples that there are many options available for you once you decide to commit your hearts to one another for life.