Monday, December 22, 2014

Wedding Reception Ideas

Four tips for finding the best wedding reception ideas

If a wedding theme has already been chosen, then it's time to consider what type of Orange County wedding reception you want to start planning. That's a no-brainer--you're probably just looking for ways to make it happen. You can also introduce a wedding theme in your reception. Whether subtle (butterflies, doves, hearts, silver or gold) or big and fun (western, or maybe a beach wedding theme), having a theme can make the rest of your wedding reception ideas come a little more easily.
Besides the obvious things like decorations and favors, think about how formal you want your reception to be. Once you get a feel for that, then other wedding reception ideas about things like wedding toasts, music, and traditional dances can be guided your decision.
Finally, don't worry about having to "do everything" and "get it right." Being familiar with wedding reception etiquette and traditions is a good place to start, but if you try to do everything it could end up feeling like a three-ring circus. These days your wedding reception ideas don't have to fit any set mold. The main point is to have a memorable celebration with people you care about.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Which Web Hosting Co. To Host Your Wedding Website?

If you've already read my tutorial on how to create a wedding website, you may be wondering just what a WEB HOST is, & which is the best to use. I'll try to explain what a web hosting company does, and which hosting provider may be best for a wedding website.

Which Web Hosting Provider Should I Use For My Wedding Website?

A new hosting review website was recently launched – This is another in a group of free websites providing reviews of top web hosting providers from, which has reviews on the top 10 of just about EVERYTHING, not just web hosting; they don’t provide web hosting themselves, but they analyze and supply reviews of the main web hosting providers that consumers can choose from. There are tons of web hosting companies vying for the attention of the normal online consumer, and sometimes it’s difficult to sort through the mess. is a site that assists these consumers in their quest for reliable, updated information on web hosting.
As’s recent press release describes, they not only offer reviews but also supply their own ranking system—known as the Scorecard—of the various web hosting providers. These rankings are based on such factors as price, features, bandwidth, hosting space, reliability, ease-of-use and customer service. Also, each wedding web hosting company ranking list is sort-able by column—the user can click the different column headers to sort and rank the list according to that column's website hosting feature. I think the Scorecard and the ranking lists are great ideas and very helpful. As they also describe, provides reviews on all the major categories of web hosting such as basic, e-commerce, dedicated, re-seller, etc.
One thing I would like to see expounded upon is the Web Hosting Glossary and web hosting articles sections. I understand that this is a new website, so currently there are no items in either section, but they are inviting all people interested to contribute to both of these sections, which I think is a great thing—to get readers and users contributing—and I strongly recommend anyone to do. When you and your future spouse are looking to create your wedding website, or even if you're still just considering it: join in the fray!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Time For Christmas Flowers!!

A Christmas gift of flowers from a Newport Beach florist in Orange County, California is sure to make any Christmas or Holiday celebration 'merry and bright'! Along with their premium fresh flower choices, many florists offer decorative Christmas trees, Christmas gift items, and Christmas cards. Shop early for the best selection of beautiful holiday poinsettia plants with unique colors and sizes available. Choose an eye-catching Christmas centerpiece, contemporary winter vase design, or a charming holiday basket of fragrant Christmas flowers and evergreens. Just GOOGLE "Newport Beach florists" directly or send Christmas gifts of flowers online, along with your warmest holiday wishes for Christmas, December 25th 2014.

Some ideas.....

PEPPERMINT PLEASURES Christmas Arrangement

Summer 2015 Skincare Ideas

Skin Care

First thing first, ladies. We must take care of our skin! Your face is a priceless work of art and you should take drastic steps to ensure that it is in the best shape possible. That starts with cleaning it thoroughly each night and morning. You want to get rid of all the grime and muck! Along those lines you will want to moisturize well too. This will help it stay lively looking. And many moisturizers out there have some sun block as well.
This brings up the issue of sun damage. The rays from the big orange ball can be damaging. And the more damage you have on your face, the more makeup you will need to cover that up. I am a firm believer in going as natural as possible, so it is extremely important to protect your face from those harmful rays. Then you want have to use a cover up along with your foundation makeup.

Be a Minimalist

You will hear me say over and over that less is more. I think this is especially true in the summer months. If you are active and stay outdoors a lot you will get some sun. This natural tan shouldn't be covered up but accentuated. Your foundation should be used simply to even out. Don’t overdo it! Also, it will be warmer and if you cake on the makeup, it will feel unnatural. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable in your own skin.

Highlight Your Best Feature

What do you get complimented on the most? Is it your eyes? Or perhaps it is your lips? Some of us have strong cheek bones. This will always be a recurring theme with me because you should always put your best foot forward. Your makeup strategy, no matter what time of year, should be geared towards that end. Just like most Orange County makeup artists, I may experiment a little, but I try to never get too far away from what works. You can lose focus and take away from what is the best possible you. Don’t be afraid of who you are or even being repetitive. Just be your best!
So with summer coming fast, these are just some simple thoughts. It is a fun time of year and that fun should include your makeup ideas!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

To Capri, Or Not?

A close friend of mine recently got into a debate with her best friends about capri pants. One side was that they are unflattering and out of style and the other view was that they are a classic style. I side with the classic argument and offer you the trump card to all fashion arguments: Audrey Hepburn. If Audrey would wear it, you can wear it too.
The key to looking fabulous in capri pants is being mindful of where they hit your leg. Like Mme. Hepburn, aim for longer capri pants that accent the spot on your leg where they sexily curve into your ankle. Finish the look with either ballet flats or hot pumps.
Check out each below photo to compare both capri lengths (don’t mind the pots and pans drying on the stove top–A girl has got to clean up after dinner!). From the back, the longer length of the capri is far more flattering:
In a pair of heels, while the calf muscles are lengthened, the longer leg is still more flattering:
From the front, both lengths are flattering, but it’s the back where the unflattering cut of the calf muscles occurs. In addition, the longer length is more formal looking and works better with the high heels.
Don’t you agree that the longer capri length is more flattering in comparison? We know what Audrey would do, but what would you do?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Typical Wedding Chapel Costs

Sample Wedding Chapel Prices

Wedding Packages Performed At Your Location Platinum Package $325.99 Reserve The ministerial services team of professional licensed officiates and ministers will perform an elegant marriage ceremony in Orange County.

  •  Wedding will be performed at larger locations of your choice. 
  • Ceremonies may be civil, spiritual or personal. 
  • No restrictions on photos taking during ceremony. 
  • No marriage preparation courses are required. 
  • 55 or more guests. 
  • INCLUDES FREE Rehearsal, performed Monday through Thursday ONLY - no exceptions
 Gold Package $269.99 Reserve A small intimate wedding which includes a "Short & Sweet" romantic civil ceremony At the location of your choice.

  • Up to 10 persons only. 
  • No marriage preparation courses are required 
  • No rehearsal required. 
  • Add photography on CD ROM for $159.99 
 Silver Package $249.99 Reserve This package is just for couples who only need to make their marriage legal.

  • The signing of required documents but no ceremony. 
  •  The Silver package is the perfect solution for couples wishing to have a destination wedding in Mexico, the Dominican, Cuba or anywhere outside of Canada. 
  • The average Orange County wedding Chapel will provide a personalize souvenir certificate which can be used at your formal ceremony. 
  • This package provides all the legal requirements for your marriage. 
  • This then allows you to have your special ceremony where and when you want saving you thousands of dollars. 
  •  Monday To Friday 1:00PM to 7:00PM 
  • You supply two (2) witnesses - No Guests Signing Only - 
  • No ceremony Services 
  • Ministerial Services 
 We have professional ministers available for weddings at your location, home, hotel, park, municipal gardens or any other location. Ceremonies can be civil or religious. We know your goal is to have a ceremony you will remember and treasure forever - a memorable yet stress free ceremony. Sample ceremonies can be emailed to you upon request. No marriage preparation courses required. For information about off site wedding please contact the Southern California wedding chapel you are interested in.