Sunday, December 7, 2014

To Capri, Or Not?

A close friend of mine recently got into a debate with her best friends about capri pants. One side was that they are unflattering and out of style and the other view was that they are a classic style. I side with the classic argument and offer you the trump card to all fashion arguments: Audrey Hepburn. If Audrey would wear it, you can wear it too.
The key to looking fabulous in capri pants is being mindful of where they hit your leg. Like Mme. Hepburn, aim for longer capri pants that accent the spot on your leg where they sexily curve into your ankle. Finish the look with either ballet flats or hot pumps.
Check out each below photo to compare both capri lengths (don’t mind the pots and pans drying on the stove top–A girl has got to clean up after dinner!). From the back, the longer length of the capri is far more flattering:
In a pair of heels, while the calf muscles are lengthened, the longer leg is still more flattering:
From the front, both lengths are flattering, but it’s the back where the unflattering cut of the calf muscles occurs. In addition, the longer length is more formal looking and works better with the high heels.
Don’t you agree that the longer capri length is more flattering in comparison? We know what Audrey would do, but what would you do?

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