Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Different brides have different opinions regarding the type of dress that is right for their wedding. However, if you are looking for elegance and want to make the ceremony shine, you can always go for mermaid wedding gowns. They never disappoint. Mermaid dresses are normally designed to bring out the body curves. For those with slender body figure, and want to show off their body curves, then a mermaid dress is the best fit. This will help you make a more dramatic and sexy look. I hope you are not shy, because no matter the wedding dress not only mermaid dresses, if you are not confident of yourself and feel like you are comfortable, you might end up not making the perfect presentation.

People have different body shapes and sizes which makes it difficult at times for the bride to come up with the best dress. Always feel free to seek professional advice from one of the bridal shops. If possible you can go ahead and hire a stylist. But just to help you get a rough idea, below are the key points to note when choosing a mermaid dress. If your top is heavier, it is advisable to go for a mermaid wedding dress that has straps or sleeves which will offer support to the bust line area. Some women have a smaller bust which goes perfectly well with a strapless mermaid dress. But always make sure that the garment under your dress works well for you. Personally, I think the best thing to do when wanting to search for beach wedding dresses in the mermaid style is to first acquire a good undergarment before getting the dress. This will help you comfortably try different dresses giving you an idea of how you will look on the D-day. In simple terms, mermaid dresses have indeed revolutionized the fashion industry, giving the brides easy time in coming up with a glamorous wedding.
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Empire Waist Modern Wedding Dress

Believe it or not, for you to steal the show, elegance and style are very important. It is increasingly becoming harder for brides to come up with that perfect modern wedding dress for their weddings. So why is this happening when there are so many choices? After several years of scrutiny, I realized that most of them really don’t know what they want. The bride has always been the backbone of every wedding ceremony in Orange County. The moment she steps foot into the reception area, all eyes are on her. Would you want to make enormous efforts in ensuring that the cake, menu for the guest and other related activities are okay then spoil everything with a dress of poor quality and style? No doubt that people have varied opinions, and mine doesn’t come from what I feel but rather what I know is good. A modern wedding dress with the Empire style are the ultimate choice! With a tight waistline slightly above the bodice, this dress brings out the beauty in you. In addition, you will not at any point feel restricted to doing certain things such as dancing and jumping around. This is your day! The empire modern wedding dress will just give you the right dosage of a fun filled day. Have you always imagined of looking like a princess on your wedding day? Don’t give up on that dream because Empire waist dresses are here to make sure that happens. Ever since these dresses rocked the fashion industry, the heat has been on. More people are embracing the incredible design and style. I believe that this dress will continue to be a trendsetter in the fashion arena. Make a solid statement in your wedding ceremony by grabbing an empire dress for yourself. You will surely not regret it. But always bear in mind that this dress is a good choice for brides with a smaller bust. by Kerry Johnson - Follow Kerry on G+!

Friday, July 11, 2014

A-line Bridal Gowns

When you get to a decision of wanting to spend the rest of your life with your mate, then definitely the issue of having a wedding will arise. Weddings are believed to be very important as they are part of womanhood although not everyone is blessed to experience them. When planning your wedding, I will highly advise that you go for cheap wedding dresses in Orange County that will catch everyone’s eyes. But how will you know whether a dress is good for you? Forget the color and always check if the dress is of your body size. Your comfort in the dress is the number one priority. Coming up with the proper dress can sometimes be overwhelming and in turn lead to poor choices. Have you tried the A-line dress? Today it is considered the number one option for most brides. This will best work for the bride with a petite body. As opposed to other dresses which in most cases restrict the bride from doing certain things such as dancing, the A-line dress is designed to make the bride feel free all through. Uniquely designed, the A-line dress forms an A shape downwards. It was actually not designed to give the bride a curvy look but a better body shape appearance. I believe that being simple is the best way of showing sophistication and indeed this dress has proven that. It is also relatively affordable all over the store and you therefore need not to worry when you have a fixed budget. Not only is this dress perfect for the brides but also the bridesmaid. No doubt that the theme of the wedding is affected by season and time but for the A-line dress, it’s style always stands tall no, matter the season guaranteeing you of dramatic silhouette. by Kerry Johnson - Follow Kerry on G+!

Friday, July 4, 2014

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Disc Jockey on Your Wedding Day

Are you getting married soon but still can’t decide whether you should hire a professional Orange County wedding DJ or not at all? If you wish to have pure fun and entertainment along with your guests on your wedding day, then you will make the right decision if you hire a wedding DJ in Orange County for your wedding entertainment. The style and quality of your wedding entertainer will make or break your wedding entertainment, so it is always a good idea to hire a professional DJ. Here are some good reasons why you should hire one. 1.Complete Lighting and Audio Equipment Professional Orange County wedding DJ's provide the lighting equipment with colorful lights, so you and your guests are sure to be delighted in dancing the night away surrounded with flashes of colorful light rays. They also provide their own sound systems that include large speakers and bass woofers, so that the sound can fill the entire wedding entertainment venue. You can expect to hear clear and loud music. For announcements and speeches, there are also available microphones and some can even provide wireless microphones. 2.Best Music Professional disc jockeys know quality music so you can expect to hear only the best songs at your wedding. They can provide your favorites and add in the newest music as well. They will do their best to provide the most upbeat and the latest rhythms that are appropriate for the occasion. They have a wide range of music collections to choose from and have vast knowledge when it comes to the type of music to play to keep you and your guests entertained through to the end. Thus, whether you prefer retro, instrumental, disco or any music you can think of, they can play it on your big day. 3.Proper Etiquette Professional DJ's pay special attention to details from your music choices to the required dress code for your wedding. They will definitely work with you to make your wedding entertainment as wholesome as possible by strictly adhering to your requested playlist. They always arrive early making sure everything is ready way before the dinner starts and your guests arrive. 4. Guaranteed Reliability Professional wedding DJ's in Orange County can always provide backup equipment in case of equipment failure. They also know some professionals in their field who can take their place if they can’t make it to your wedding due to an illness or any emergency, so you will have nothing to worry about your DJ not showing up or using poor equipment. 5. Wide Experience Professional Orange County wedding DJ's have the expertise and experience that most amateurs lack. They can effectively operate the equipment from the buttons to the knobs to make the most out of the equipment and produce the high quality and unique sound. They have mastered the art of entertaining the crowd and speaking with proper diction. They can already anticipate your needs and know how to deal well with your guests to keep them entertained. They have much experience when it comes to crowd control and public speaking. by Kerry Johnson - Follow Kerry on G+! Check Out My Wedding Blog If you've made the decision to create a wedding website with music, my tutorial will walk you step by step through the entire process; from registering a domain name, to getting your wedding site published! Follow my Pinterest Beach Wedding Dresses Board

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

11 Useful Makeup Tips to Make You Look Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

You definitely want to look great throughout your wedding and how your makeup artist in Orange County performs will play an important role in making you look beautiful during your entire wedding. Below are some makeup tips that will prove to be very helpful on your special day:

  •  People can get emotional on weddings and so can you. To prepare for this moment, it is a good idea to use waterproof mascara. It does not only last longer but can also withstand tears. If you are not comfortable with the feel or look of the waterproof mascara, you can apply one coat of the mascara you typically use at first, and then you can just follow it up with an application of a light coat of the waterproof mascara. 
  •  So that you can be sure that your makeup will stay on throughout your wedding, use a good eye primer and a foundation. 
  •  You must set the foundation by applying loose powder as it will take the shine out of your skin and it will give a soft finish on the foundation. 
  •  Although you use a mixture of lip colors when you apply your makeup, it is best to bring along with you your favorite lipstick on the day of your wedding for touch-ups. 
  •  Choose a somewhat bright lip color since brown or pale nude colors don’t look good in pictures, particularly if you are wearing white. 
  •  When you put on your makeup make sure you will look at lot better but not different that your groom might not recognize you anymore. In short, do not experiment when it comes to your eye color, lip color, etc. Wear what is more appropriate for the occasion and not to surprise everyone with a somewhat more daring look. 
  •  If your veil covers your entire face, never wear a lip gloss since it works like a magnet attracting the fabric, so your veil will stick to it the moment you wear it. There is no doubt that the lipstick and gloss on your lips will leave an unpleasant mark on your veil. Another thing to avoid aside from lip gloss is using foundation on the d├ęcolletage since it can also stain your wedding gown. 
  •  Apply bronzing powder in the neck and chest areas so that your skin tone is balanced. This will not only make your skin look more luminous but will make the skin tone of your face look just the same as the skin tone of your body. 
  •  Put some lovely shade on your cheeks to give you a face-lift look. Rosier hues are appropriate for deeper skin tones, while pink hues go well with fairer skin tones. 
  •  You can define your eyebrows with the use of a shadow or pencil that has the same color as your hair. 
  •  For deeper complexions, vanilla or light peach shade will be great to highlight the brow bone. For lighter skin, white shade will do just fine.

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