Monday, May 19, 2014

Picking The Perfect Location For An Indoor Wedding

Indoor wedding locations are more convenient than outdoor wedding locations. That’s why so many couples choose an indoor wedding over an outdoor wedding. For indoor weddings, the weather is not an issue, so you can opt for this type of wedding if you live in an area where the weather is unpredictable. If you want a quiet venue where you and your guests can hear each other well and enjoy the celebration with privacy, an indoor wedding will be your best choice. You have to remember however that not all indoor wedding venues are suitable for your wedding, so it is wise to consider the following tips before you finally make your reservations.


The size of the venue should be your number one priority. There should be enough room for everyone. Consider a venue that is not too big and not too small for your guest list. Think about the number of tables needed and if the venue is big enough to accommodate everyone present at your wedding. Keep in mind that you'll also need plenty of space for the band, and for your wedding photographer to move around.


The height of the ceiling matters a lot in choosing a wedding location. High ceilings add a touch of elegance to the venue while low ceilings will make the occupants feel stuffy. Hence, it is always good to choose one of the wedding venues in Orange County with high ceilings not only to impress your guests but also to make them feel more comfortable.


Perhaps the ceilings may be high but the carpets may be quite old with holes already. You have to look into this very carefully as this will affect the overall appearance of your wedding site. Take note that some ballrooms have floors that are covered with old or cheesy-looking carpets.


Some Orange County wedding venues may have their own decoration that is not quite suitable to your wedding style. Their centerpiece, flowers and chair ribbons may be quite different from your taste. If the colors don’t match you will only expose your wedding to ridicule and you do not want it. Thus, pick a wedding location that matches well with your wedding style and color scheme.

Architectural obstructions

Some guests may not be able to see everything at your wedding because their views are blocked by some pillars. You should take this into consideration and choose a ballroom or a function room with a few columns or none at all.


The shape of the ballroom, wedding hall or function room matters. Hence, when you are doing the venue hunt, try to see whether the venue is rectangular, square or circle. The perfect shape is either rectangular or square so that the stage is situated in such a way that it is visible to all.


Some of your guests may come from other areas and may have to prepare a lot earlier in order to get to your wedding early. Be considerate and select a venue where all of your guests can quickly and easily locate. Moreover, pick an area that provides ample parking and does not require your guests to walk a long way from their car. Also, after your nonstop search through all of the wedding dresses, make sure the venue has a private Bridal Room. by Kerry Johnson - Follow Kerry on G+!

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