Monday, June 30, 2014

4 Tips for Looking Great on Your Wedding Day

Indeed, your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life and you definitely want to look your best on this day. Since this occasion usually happens only once for most people it is perfectly normal if you want everything, from your wedding reception to your wedding dress, to be perfect on this most memorable day of your life as everyone expects it to be so. What can you do to look great on your big day? Here are some tips for your makeup artist in Orange County may have for you that you will surely find very helpful in making you look and feel wonderful on your big day. 1.Prepare your wedding dress beforehand.
Your wedding dress is a very important item for your wedding. Remember you are going to wear it yourself, so you must choose it yourself and not your mom, your bridesmaids or your best friend. Nothing feels more uncomfortable than trying on beach wedding dresses that do not fit you well, so be sure to pick the size that fits you perfectly. Choose a dress that suits your style and taste as well as your personality. Select a wedding dress that is most comfortable to wear even as you dance, walk or stand. 2.You should plan ahead of time.
Nothing beats being prepared as this will make you feel more relaxed and calm. You can of course have your Orange County makeup artist experiment with your nail polish, makeup, hair or anything, but don’t do it on or a few days before your wedding. When you are making decisions about your bridal makeup in Orange County, it is best to do the experimenting several weeks before your big day. By doing this, you will have ample time to see if a new hair style or hair color is perfect for you or not. You can also find out earlier what nail polish looks good on your fingernails and toenails. It will also give you can idea if adding fake eyelashes will make you look better or not at all. By planning ahead, you will soon discover what will make you look fabulous on your special day. 3.Select the makeup that suits you best. Make sure your wedding makeup artist in Orange County is using the kind of cosmetic products that do not irritate your skin. Some contain chemicals that can cause allergies and you do not want to get allergies on the day of your wedding, so check this out very carefully. Try to wear shades that complement your dress and the time of day you are tying the knot. It is much better to use softer and natural-looking shades than bold and dark colors. 4.Your hair style will add to your beauty. Remember your hair style should go well with your dress. Choose a hair color or hair style that does not overpower your headpiece and dress. It is always a good idea to keep it classic and simple. Make sure the hair products you use can make your hair style look natural and gorgeous throughout your wedding. Be sure to pick the most appropriate hair style for the occasion and try to check what style looks good on you by experimenting on your hair style weeks before the wedding day. by Kerry Johnson - Follow Kerry on G+! My Orange County Wedding Directory

Thursday, June 19, 2014

4 Interesting Ways to Save When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

When it comes to wedding photography, you will either spend much on it or find one that suits your budget. Most say that you can only have high quality photos if you spend a great deal of money on your wedding photography, but the good news is that you can still actually have beautiful wedding pictures even if you don’t get to spend too much on the wedding photography. An Orange County wedding photographer has several interesting tips to help you save on your wedding photos.

1. Hire an expert.

There is something great about hiring a professional photographer and that is, you have nothing to worry about the quality of your wedding photos. With his skill and experience, a professional photographer knows when and how to take a perfect shot. Any Orange County wedding photographer would advise you to hire a pro who offers a specific package such as “for ceremony only.” This way you get to save more. The highlight of your wedding is the ceremony so this part deserves to be handled by a professional photographer. Before hiring a professional, make sure you compare the quality and rates of the photographers as these can vary. It is also a good idea to hire some students who major in photography as many of them are talented and skillful with reasonable rates.

2.Avoid the extras.

Framed wedding portraits and “deluxe” wedding albums indeed look attractive but these add up to the cost of wedding photography. You can cut down on the cost when you buy a frame or wedding album of your own choice instead. What’s good about purchasing your own frame and album is that you will have many choices and you will definitely find the one that suits your taste and style. Let your creativity work when choosing the frame and the album for your wedding pictures.

3. Opt for a package deal.

Another money-saving tip for getting the most out of your wedding photos at a reasonable price is to select “a photography package” instead of individual items. An Orange County wedding photographer will tell you that it is always wise to ask the wedding photographer if it is possible to swap out some pieces when there are things that you want but are not included in the photography package. Many wedding venues in Orange County have arrangements with local photographers to offer discounts if the bride chooses a specific venue. Also, when selecting the package, select very carefully. Some pick the smaller packages thinking that they can spend less but later end up buying additional prints. Hence, from the very beginning make your best choice as possible so that you do not wind up purchasing more prints afterwards and even spend more.

4. Find another photographer for the reception.

You can ask the help of some good friends who are into photography to capture the special moments at your reception. Your friends would definitely be more than willing to take candid pictures on your special day. You can also place some disposable cameras on the reception tables so that the other shutterbug guests can participate as well. by Kerry Johnson - Follow Kerry on G+!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Orange County Wedding Venues

When you are planning to celebrate your wedding day, you should consider some important factors. You need to choose the best venue that is suitable for your wedding reception. Choosing the right wedding reception site can be challenging for some people because they don't know how to do so. However, you don't have to worry about any complicated procedures for selecting the right wedding venue. You can follow some useful tips below, so you can choose your favorite place easily. Here are some essential things that you need to consider, especially when you want to find the best spot for your Orange County wedding.

Choose the theme and style

This is the most important thing that you should do, so you can select your favorite wedding venue easily. There are a lot of Newport Beach wedding venues that are available today, for example museums, mansions, country clubs, and many other places. Each place has its own style and theme. Before selecting the right venue, you need to determine the type of wedding that you are going to host. A wedding reception is all about personality and creativity. You need to design your wedding based on your needs and preferences. This is an important event in your life, so you should put the best effort to prepare for this wedding. Don't forget to consider your own personal style. You can also combine several themes or styles into your wedding, for example modern, traditional, contemporary, country style, and many other interesting themes. Because you have probably chosen from the SoCal wedding dresses to fit your theme, you will need to put additional thought into this. You should consider all essential factors before selecting the best place for your wedding reception. Your wedding style and theme should help you find the type of reception site for your wedding event. There are some available venues that you can choose easily, for example banquet halls, hotel ballrooms, country clubs, mansions, museums, historic sites, parks, and some other places.

Wedding size

After choosing the right wedding venue for your important event, you should determine your wedding size. This is another important criteria that you should consider today. You have to take a look at the capacity of your favorite wedding venue. It is a good idea to add some extra seats for your guests. Most wedding venues usually inform their customers about their seating capacity. You can call some of them to find out the capacity of their wedding venues. Different types of wedding receptions, such as buffet, seated dinner, cocktail reception, and some other wedding types, may also require different seating numbers. You should compare some available wedding reception venues that can meet your criteria. You can also use the same strategies for comparing some available wedding venues in Orange County. This area offers a lot of wedding venues that you can choose easily. You can find your favorite wedding venues that can meet your needs and preferences. Don't forget to discuss about this wedding venue with your partner. Make sure that both of you are happy with your favorite wedding venue before you make a deal with any wedding reception sites. Book your appointment with your favorite wedding reception venues today. by Kerry Johnson - Follow Kerry on G+!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Create A Wedding Website - Part 2

Part 2 of creating a wedding website

So, we've already signed up for a web hosting account to create a wedding website, and we're ready to install Wordpress. Most of the popular web hosting companies out there have what is known as "One Click Install", which is literally just clicking a button. Wordpress will get installed in a few seconds, and then you're ready to get started. The following video will walk you through installing wordpress:
Once wordpress is installed, you can choose a nice wedding theme. One of my favorite free wordpress wedding themes is the Ever After theme. It's easy to use, and you can have a great wedding website up within a matter of just a couple of hours. More on this later.....