Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Traditional Procession

The Traditional Procession starts after the seating of the Bride's Mother. At that time the Groom, the Best Man and the Officiant will enter the room/chapel from the front. Once in place the rest of the groomsmen will come in from the back followed by the Bridesmaids, the Maid of Honor and then the Flower Girl and Ringbearer. After all of the wedding party has arrived at the front of the room/chapel, it is customary that the Mother of the Bride be the first to stand and look at the back of the room/chapel for her daughter's entry. This is the signal for the audience to stand and the Bride to make her entry with her father escorting. Most wedding venues in Orange County have a separate room for the Bride to wait in.

Once the Father of The Bride and the Bride arrive at the front of the room/chapel The officiant will face the audience and the wedding party will take up the following positions:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wedding Planner In Orange County – A Helping Hand

Weddings are a complex event which require proper management of a series of event which are inter-linked and related. One lapse will derail the whole process and can be an embarrassment for you. So to effectively manage your wedding plans you need a helping hand. The wedding planner Orange County comes to you as this helping hand taking the load of planning, managements and execution of the wedding tasks off your shoulders.

The movie “The Wedding Planners” was a great hit as people who saw the movie realized what sort of efforts go into the planning of a perfect marriage. It is a grand event in a person’s life and no one likes to spoil it by improper handling. Southern California Wedding Planners are important for such perfect wedding. Before we choose to have a Wedding Planners hired, the utility of having a Wedding Planners must be made clear in our mind. Is the money spent on a Wedding Planners worth it? This is the question which comes in our mind at the very first instance of Wedding Planners coming in our thought when we are a bit tight in our budget.

To hire or not to ire is a matter of personal preference. Not all people are capable of taking up and doing so many of the tasks associated with a wedding ceremony in Orange County. If you are comfortable in handling all the planning on your own with your fiancé then you are always welcome to do the leg work. But if your want to do quality work only and do not mind paying for the leg work then you must hire a Wedding Planner as in case of a marriage there is a lot of leg work involved which requires running here and there, meeting the vendors etc. Wedding Planners should be someone who has in depth knowledge of the wedding processes and tasks involved and should have sufficient contacts to get things moving instantly and should be capable of providing an instant backup should the vendor fail to deliver due to any unforeseen reasons. Unless you know the rigors involved in the wedding planning, it may be a nightmare for you and your fiancé. So if budget permits it is advisable to hire an Orange County wedding planner.

Hiring a perfect Wedding Planner can be daunting task; but once you have chosen one your wedding is going to be a smooth sailing and will leave your stress free. It is quite tedious for the bride or the groom to do their own wedding planning as it is quite time consuming. It takes time to plan meticulously every detail about the wedding. You can save your time and effort if you can hire he services of a wedding planned.

Most people usually think that hiring a Wedding Planner is an additional financial cost to them realizing little that the wedding planner will save them a lot more in terms of money and especially in time. These planners have regular suppliers who will not supply to an individual at the same rates as negotiated by these Wedding Planners who are able to negotiate a better deal as they provide regular clientele. So it is a wise decision to hire a Southern California Wedding Planner if your finances will permit it.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guidelines To Follow While Choosing Beach Wedding Reception Dresses

One of the biggest moments in the life is one’s wedding. Naturally, everyone wants to look his or her best. To do so it is very important to know, what will be the ideal attire to wear during such an important ceremony. Generally, most brides choose the traditional type of gown, when it comes to the wedding. Nevertheless, choosing proper gowns as the Wedding Reception Dresses is a matter of careful consideration.

Beach Wedding Reception Dresses should be according to the venue

After the church, wedding people, select various venues for post wedding parties such as beach, poolside, garden or ballroom. Therefore, the size, color, length, accessorizes too must be at par with the spot. For example, if one is at the ballroom, nothing but a formal gown or a suit is ideal. Short dresses are required for a beach party with flat sandals to complement it. Similarly, the bride and the groom need to be prepared for the weather if one is marrying in the winter or monsoon. If it is scheduled for the winter then the gown must essentially have long sleeves with tea-length hemline.

Cute beach wedding dresses

Nevertheless, choosing two wedding dresses Orange County for the wedding can be little expensive for some. In addition, there may not be time for the bride to change; reputed designers have come with a solution. The dress could be a two-in-one! These dresses, though looks pretty much like a common gown, have a secret. With the help of hooks and eyelets makes a connection, which, can be separated. Thus in no time a long and elaborate gown can become a short frock with the skirt removed to become perfect as dress. They are so easy to remove that even the bride herself can detach it.
One can follow the given suggestions of the experts to avoid any unexpected situation:
  • It is suggested that one takes help of close ones to choose wedding reception dresses to receive opinions
  • Using make-up should be strictly avoided to prevent marring of the dress
  • The undergarments have to be of correct size
  • The accessorizes, like, the shoes and jewelry have to complement the garment
  • Care should be taken that the dress fits in perfectly, or the entire preparation could be marred by it
The beach wedding dresses most of the time are extremely elaborated and heavy. Therefore, the wedding Reception Dresses have to be planned in a way as to give maximum comfort to the bride. As a rule she is suppose to wear the wedding gown during her dances with her husband and father. To maintain the level of comfort during her reception most brides now takes off their formal gown soon after that.
Keeping that in mind a typical reception dress should be lightweight. So that the bride can have a gala time by changing into relaxed attire. Therefore, one has to be very specific about the choice of raw materials. They have to be extremely easeful, attractive like, cotton, and silk.
The bride and the groom can look their best in their wedding day – look stylish and elegant at the same time without being over-dressed if they take proper care and measures.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Orange County Limo Service

Tips for hiring a Limo service in Orange County

When you're searching for a wedding day limousine service, make sure you look for a leader in the transportation industry, a company that will be there to cater to all your special event needs. From corporate events to weddings, from parties to concerts, their limo experience and service will make your event one to remember. A reputable Southern California limo service will hire the most dedicated, certified limo drivers to provide the highest quality limo service across all of California. Contact them As Soon As Possible to reserve your limousine for an unforgettable evening.
White limousines are perfect for your wedding day transportation. You have many other things to think about on your special day. After booking with an Orange County Limo Service, you won't have to worry about being late. Their drivers make it their duty to be there for you on this one day you will remember forever.

Night On The Town
Think of them on your night out on the town. The chauffeur will transport you wherever you want to go to make your night the best it can be. When you use them for your bachelor or bachelorette party, they often offer a special deal for your wedding day. Don't worry about parking your car or carrying all your luggage across the parking lot. They will typically provide you with on time, door side service. They make getting to the airport an easy task.
Whether you have an important client coming to town or you just need to get to a company function, their limos are perfect for the job.
Celebrating an anniversary is a very special event. Let the transportation company help you wine and dine your significant other - ask them if they have any silver and gold anniversary packages. They may also have special offers for newlyweds.
Prom Night
Prom is a night to remember; your Orange County Limo Service will be sure to make your night special. Make it a group date with several of your friends or a romantic one with just you and your date.
Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties
Don't worry about how you're getting home at the end of the night, let their chauffeur drive you around. When the heat is on, let the limo company meet your transportation needs.

Most limo companies have a minimum of 2 hours for each of their limousines.
Average hourly rate for a 14 passenger limousine: $85/hr
Average hourly rate for a 10 passenger limousine: $75/hr
You can always ask if they have any bachelor and bachelorette wedding specials.
Many Orange County transportation companies now have online forms you can fill out. They'll usually get back with you shortly to confirm your reservation and collect payment.